Vision Statement

Develop responsible digital citizens with the skills to effectively utilize technology in their home, school, and work environment.

Bowman County Schools continues to operate a successful 1:1 initiative where all students in grades K-12 are issued their own device. Devices are to be used as a tool for students to successfully supplement in-class learning, as well as access and execute distance learning.

Bowman County Technology Committee:

  • Jonathan Jahner – Technology Coordinator

  • Jason Waskiewicz – High School Staff

  • Lyndsey Erickson – HS/MS Staff

  • Jettie Swanson – HS/MS Staff

  • Kelley Ouradnik – Administration

  • Kaydee Stewart – K-3 Staff

  • Lindsey Fossum – Rhame Staff

  • Lisa Kalstrom - 4-6 Staff

  • Tyler Senn – Administration

  • Andy Mrnak – School Board

Technology Contact Information

Jonathan Jahner
Technology Coordinator
Ph: 701-523-3283